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  • Design: We Brand Every Post to Set Your Company Apart
  • Content: Each Post Highlights Your Services for More Awareness
  • Consistent: Daily Posts to Each Network Creating Including Holidays
  • Call to Action: Every Post Contains a Call to Nudge Potential Buyers
  • ​Customized: We Also use Images from Company Cam or Shared Folders
  • ​Professional: Copywriters Ensure Highest Quality Headings and Content
  • Managed: We use a Third Party App to Let You Review/Edit Every Posting
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  The Boss Up Solutions Story:
Lateef Farooqui a former General Contractor and Insurance Restoration Company Owners, set off 10 to start a lead company that would help contractors like him get more jobs. As he grew this company over the next 10 years he worked closely with contractors and saw their problems. After consulting with 100's of contractors and in-house with dozens helping them scale, he realized one thing - all contractors had the same underlying issues... They did not have processes in place! He also realized an even larger problem, they were prisoner to their staff - either they had key people, or they had bottlenecks. Beyond that these people were only generalists, good at some things and not so good at others. That's where Boss Up Solutions concept was born, why not have a team of experts at the disposal of these contractors, they could only use what they needed and never would have to worry about scale or time off in winter. No more training, hiring, managing and payroll! Now a little over a year in, Lateef sold his call center to focus on this project and is committed to making it work along with his team of highly skilled individual for contractors and PA's like yourself. 
  What People Are Saying:
"...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
We tried different Social Media management platforms but found this one to be the simplest and easy to use methods, the price is also very fair and you get far more than you pay for.
Robert, - Revived Exteriors
Arlington Heights, IL
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"...You Won't Regret It, Amazing!"
We love the original content and creative designs they come up with. We definitely see the value in the Boss Up Social Team. Highly recommend it to anyone in the restoration industry.
Brick, Boss Roofing Experts
IL and Naples, FL
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"...It's Great Content for a Fair Price! "
The team is fun to work with and I give them a run for their money. They post daily and even do some custom work for me, I opt'd for the tune-up as well and loved the results, I enjoy the partnership.
Jason, Exterior Experts 
Denver ,CO
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