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For Business Owners Drowning in Work, Unable to Get to the Next Level, Boss Up Solutions Team of Trained Professionals Helps Them Get Past the Hurdles, Scale and Thrive. "

Meet the Team

Each individual is cross-trained in critical Administrative skills as well as Roofing and Restoration specifics. The team is pushed to utilize the skills they are good at while improving underlying skills. By doing this we get happier staff and better performance.

We bring in experts from the industry to help train our team and more specifically our departments.

"One of the best I've found is Boss Up Solutions"

Their team will follow your scripts, gather whatever additional information you need, enter them into your CRM and notify you of any issues they're having so you can tweak the process.

Richard Walsh

Author - Escape the Owner Prison


For 5 years Aidee (pronounced eye-day) has helped set up and automate over 50 CRM's.


For over 14 years Lateef has helped contractors Optimize, Automate and Delegate.


Our customer success manager will help you keep smiling with our services.


Jeanet can help you set up and operate your marketing needs.

"Boss Up is not about me, it's not about you, it's not even about the staff - it's about a group that wants to see each other grow and can together collaborate to learn quicker, advise each other and work to form proven practices and processes so we can all earn more money and work less" - Lateef Farooqui

Our Story

Boss Up Solutions was founded in 2017 when Lateef was vacationing in the Dominican Republic and ran into a fellow Contractor. They discussed business over a few drinks the contractor asked how Lateef was able to be an absentee Boss and travel frequently. Lateef explained to the contractor that he leveraged a Team - the contractor asked how he wishes he could be a Boss - Lateef replied "Boss Up" this sparked the idea.

He concluded, not everyone can afford a team, often they settle for a Jack of all and King of none when hiring an Administrative Assistant. They may excel at communication but lack understanding of technology or they are organized yet don't know industry terminology. When one does meet all the business demands they end up becoming a Key Person you can't afford to lose, or a Bottleneck that can't handle growth as they are already being pushed to their limits.

Large Insurance Corporations consistently leveraged the fact that they had deep bank accounts and could afford to DELAY, DENY, DEFEND. Hiring and having Employees has its own issues and liabilities.

Remote or Virtual staff was nothing new, VA's could be had for very low costs but lacked the industry-specific knowledge to truly be an asset. This is where Boss Up Solutions came to be, Lateef decided that he would assemble a pool of administrative talent that would be pushed to utilize their strengths. This team would help a niche market, Roofing, and Restoration Industry Professionals, with all aspects of a business.

This resulted in a TEAM environment where Boss Assistants equipped with the latest technology and tools were learning from industry leaders and other contractors to help them service the industry and stand up to larger corporations that had the means to slow down or halt the insurance claims process.


In the Media

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Join Lateef Farooqui as he speaks on attaining, training, and maintaining a team. Learn to Optimize, Automate and Delegate.

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Dmitry questions Lateef Farooqui about the Telemarketing industry, why it is where it is and how it got there.

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