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Some Common Questions

Q. How's the English level?

A. Not only is English level above par, but every assistant is also bilingual giving you the added advantage of communication with Spanish speakers. Most of our agents were either born or raised in the USA.

Q.Do you have an office?

A. We have multiple locations, each with high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, quiet booths, well lit, and secure all with 24-hour access.

Q. What is the Culture of the office?

A. A very positive environment with a team mentality is the foundation of our business, team lunches, outings, and after-work activities are the norm. We attend each other's functions both pleasant and unfortunate and help each other in and out of work.

Q. What is your turnover?

A. Our employees are paid better than most any opportunities in the area, coupled with the team culture makes for a retention rate of over 95% over 2.5 years!

Q. Does this include Quickbooks setup and management?

A. Currently, we do not offer QuickBooks support, we can integrate JobNimbus however we are in the process of training conducted by industry experts and will likely offer this service in weeks to come.

Q. Do I need to train?

A. All team members are trained on industry best practices, administrative skills, related software, contractor process, terminology, and more. We also conduct ongoing training run by industry experts and leaders monthly.

Q. Who owns the build on JobNimbus if I cancel?

A. You do, the entire build would be left with you. The automation and various features however that are done outside of JobNimbus are proprietary and would cease to function. As for tasks they can easily be redirected to another user other than your Job Nimbus Manager.

Q. Will holidays affect my work?

A. Your team will work on your schedule and time zone no need to adapt to another schedule or time zone.

Q. Who will cover for days off?

A. With our team business model, you will never suffer downtime, there is always someone to cover in the absence for overflow.

Q. How secure is my data?

A. We maintain industry best practices keeping all data secure and encrypted, and with the Apple business environment, we are as secure as it gets against privacy violations. Office space has 24-hour security.

Q. What equipment will my staff have?

A. Each Boss Assistant has a MacBook, noise-canceling headset, dedicated desk space, latest software updates, access to IT staff, 98% uptime office, and meeting room access.

Q. How quickly can you scale should we experience a storm or spike in business.

A. Practically instantly, we always keep extra staff on-hand and can scale both up and down on-demand.

Q. Do I get billed for additional hours if we go over?

A. No, we find it's fair to go over at times to make up for times when under, however, should it be a norm, we will simply contact you to adjust pricing to allow for a fair exchange for all involved.

Q. How do I contact my Boss Assistant?

A. Voxer is our favorite method, but also by phone, email, SMS, and video!

Q. How long will it take me to be live?

A. Typically we take 2 weeks for onboarding, we set up, automate, then train your team on what they need to know in order to have a successful JobNimbus.

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